Work and Traineeship

AS TREV-2 Grupp is a leading Estonian construction company. The company has approximately 360 employees all over Estonia. Our areas of activity are:

  • construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and railways
  • environmental construction
  • production of construction materials
  • geodetic surveys
  • production of traffic control devices

Human resources strategy

  • We value efficient employees, support the development of their competence and acquisition of education.
  • We treat our employees with dignity and fairly.
  • We involve our employees in decision-making processes.

Additional benefits for TREV-2 employees

  • We support the engagement of our employees in sports and provide aid in the formation of sports teams. Our employees have formed a volleyball team and two bowling teams.
  • We celebrate Christmas together and provide our employees the opportunity to have days off to celebrate Christmas.
  • We contribute to personal and family events financially and grant additional days off.
  • We hold our long-serving employees in high esteem and reward them with additional days off.