Ajutise liikluskorralduse täisteenus Vaida-Aruvalla teelõigu ehitusel
Ajutise liikluskorralduse täisteenus Vaida-Aruvalla teelõigu ehitusel
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Temporary traffic management

AS TREV-2 Grupp offers temporary traffic management services:

  • for companies constructing and performing maintenance on roads and railway routes
  • for companies performing various work on roads and road areas
  • for event organisers

We perform traffic management pursuant to the Roads Act, Regulation no. 69 "Requirements for traffic management in road works" of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications and Regulation no. 59 "Requirements for using and protecting roads and road protection zones" of the Minister of Transport and Communications.

Offered services:

  • preparation of a traffic management scheme or project
  • rental of traffic control devices
  • installation of traffic control devices pursuant to the project; or comprehensive traffic management service that includes the aforesaid services and also includes observing the traffic safety situation on the site and making changes on the run

Submit your inquiry:

Dmitri Helandi

Temporary Traffic Management Specialist

e-mail: dmitri.helandi@trev2.ee

telephone: +372 5343 5913

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