We are pioneers. We move mountains and go through the grey stone, because we have the best minds using state-of-the-art technology to establish civil engineering constructions. We have accepted all the challenges and seen them through. Every road, tunnel, junction, railway section or bridge built advances someone’s life or business. That’s our job – to develop the area and create all the means for Estonian people to progress.

The path we started setting up back in 1961 is continuing – this is TREV-2’s own journey. We believe that there’s a lot of excitement, challenges and lessons to come on the road! We do all this with a united and supportive team – we really do care about each and every employee with whom we travel on and forge the path.


Our field is broad and reaches nearly everywhere. We produce, build, maintain and recycle. With us, contemporary technology gives you the opportunity to build even the most complicated engineering objects that help preserve nature and biodiversity. Together, we create a liveable living environment for the whole of Estonia!


We are professional and the best in our field. If we need to go through grey stone, we will, always in the right direction and with contemporary technology.
With us, you have a team with you who is characterised by forward-looking energy and keeping up with the times. Various challenges are the test of our knowledge, skills and teamwork. By facing different challenges together, we pave the way for the future!


We give you the opportunity to move up the career ladder and we support you if you wish to take a step to the side, to another profession. Our key words are trusting and valuing our employees. We recognise our people for their ambition and achievements. When looking for a manager, we first turn our eyes to our employees. We have our say in the entire field and cooperate with different schools. In order to be in the big picture, we always look at it broadly!


TREV-2 is strongly rooted in Estonian soil, and the parent undertaking is situated in France. International connections give us wider access to professional information but also to extensive experience in different parts of the world.
We want you to feel safe and secure at the company. We want that feeling to accompany you when you make career choices as well as in your daily work. That way, together, we can create values that last.

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